I am a fellow backpacker who fell in love with travelling and want to share my knowledge and experience. I love to test my limits while on the road. This website is to help travellers for free. I hope my stories will help you on your journey. Why be a tourist when you can be a backpacker? Take chances and risks. Find out who you are and start living your life to the fullest! Credit for the pictures on my blog go to my friends, and to myself. All of MY pictures are 100% raw. Remember SHARING is caring!

Background – I was pretty poor growing up. My mom is a single parent and has worked her entire life to give what little we have. I can never thank her enough. My life has been an adventure that is for sure. After many years walking the typical “path” (small cases of rebelling and not wanting to conform) I finally broke free. I had never left Canada before. I bought a plane ticket to Paris and a open Eurail Pass. Left in three weeks giving myself just enough time to do some extensive research. I mean extensive! Three months of the most eye opening life adventure most of us really need. I have never looked back since. I continue to travel. I created this site because there is not much detailed travel information out there. I will have detailed and informative information on the world as I travel it. This is part of my life now.

Currently Travelling Asia

20140925_180851Ontario, Canada

                      5/8 CONTINENTS


  • Canada (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) x9
  • Austria x10
  • Australia

BEEN 52/280 // 20%

  • United States of America x4
  • France x3
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany x2
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • *Aland Islands (ferry only)
  • Finland
  • Poland x4
  • Czech x2
  • Slovakia x7
  • Hungary x3
  • Croatia x4
  • Slovenia
  • *Lichtenstein (train only)
  • Switzerland x3
  • Italy x2
  • Vatican City
  • Spain
  • Portugal x2
  • England x2
  • Scotland
  • Ireland x2
  • Northern Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Latvia x2
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Ukraine
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Macedonia
  • Greece
  • Albania x3
  • Montenegro x2
  • Kosovo
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina x2
  • The Azores (Sao miguel)
  • *China (airport only)
  • Thailand x2
  • Lao’s
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia x3
  • Singapore
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • *The Philippines (airport only)
  • Hong Kong x2
  • Macau
  • Japan x2
  • South Korea
  • Hawai’i (O’ahu)


CEFR Scale // English C2, French Spanish German Japanese A2, Many Languages A1

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Feel free to email me with any questions and concerns you have. Feedback is also welcome and encouraged! I am here to help the people. If you need cost information or trip information, backpacking routes, etc… don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.